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We make custom flash drives

USB Memory Direct® specializes in producing customized usb flash drives for marketing and promotions and has been a leader in the industry for over fourteen years. Whether you are looking for unique custom shaped flash drives or our best selling custom printed usb drives, you will find our customer service, product quality and pricing are second to none.


Wholesale Flash Drives

As a manufacturer we offer more than just wholesale pricing on USB flash drives. We are able to bring an extraordinary level of product quality to the table as well. The core tenant of our corporate belief structure is to do the absolute best in every aspect of our business, without exception. This has led us to treat every USB flash drive that leaves our factory like it is meant for us and that only the best is acceptable. This has been an amazing success for both helping us grow our business and keeping our customers around for years. We never intend on changing our philosophy and we always intend on providing the best wholesale flash drives available.







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Data Services

Data Preload

If your custom USB drives require preloaded content, we will handle this task with ease. Even if you have very specific instructions for your USB data contents, our team will ensure we follow them flawlessly.

Permanent Upload

When you need the USB files impossible to erase, we will create a second partition on the USB drive that is undeletable, with the remaining space on the first partition left open like normal for flash drive storage. It is a great option when you want to prevent accidental deletion or manipulation of the files on the flash drive, but also leave any remaining USB storage available as a convenience to the client.

Unique Drive Icon

It is easy for us to turn your logo into a drive icon that will display when the USB flash drive is inserted into the machine. Use this along with permanent uploads for a more individualized partition icon, allowing your customer to see the writable partition from the locked flash drive partition.

Hide Your Files

We offer a great feature to hide information stored on your USB flash drive, which will help conceal and reduce the appearance of several files to users of the USB drives.

Drive Colors and Styles

With our vast selection of USB looks and colors, we have you totally covered. You can literally create any type of custom flash drives imaginable with our help. We also offer custom body colors if you are using one of our popular USB styles.

Laser Engraving and Hot Stamp

If you want a flash drive that is made from metal, wood, or leather, you should definitely consider a special imprint that will give your USB flash product that extra touch. We can use processes such as laser engraving for metal and wood and hot stamp for leather.

Drive Partitions

Your USB drives can be digitally split into two partitions that show up as separate drive icons in your file explorer. Tell us what type of USB customization you need in formatting your custom USB drives and we will deliver exactly what you are looking for.


Efficient service and fast delivery. I communicated with Taylor, who was extremely friendly and professional. I ordered the SWM design in pink with a gold metal swivel cap engraved in white. The engraving is excellent. The gold color is slightly vibrant so if you are looking for a more subtle shade I would suggest going with the silver. I'd highly recommend them

- Natasha Gillet


USB Memory Direct is the best! We recently switched to an all digital delivery platform for our wedding films and wanted to offer our clients an option for USB drives as well. Taylor sent over a bunch of different sample drives to choose from (free and quick I might add) and then we picked one that we could easily brand with our logo. Our clients love them, thanks USB Memory Direct!

- John Severson


As a Minneapolis Wedding & Portrait Photographer, I’m always looking for new products to deliver my clients their final images on. I was contacted a few week ago by a company that had came across my website. They loved the worked and asked if I would like to partner with them and test out their USB Drives from USB Memory Direct.USB Memory Direct has a USB drive for everyone. I decided to go with one of their wooden drives. This best suited by brand.

The build quality of these USB drives are phenomenal. The attention to detail is beyond anything I was expecting. They use extra strong magnets to hold the covers on the wood drives that I had ordered. This is something that I have ran into with other companies that use inferior products. Not at USB Memory Direct!!!!!! They have a vast list of products from wood to metal to plastic and every combination in between. They are even capable of creating any size/design you can think of. The possibilities are endless.

Customer service at USB Memory Direct is top notch. Their sales team is quick to respond to any questions you may have. Turn around time was also very fast.

- Benjamin Keller Photography


We recently received our custom USB drives from USB Memory Direct, and we are so happy with how they turned out – and know our clients will appreciate them, as well! They have tons of options to choose from and their customer service is top-notch (hi Jeff!):)We ended up choosing the engraved pine wood drives feeling that would match best for our brand. I’m pumped. Thanks USB Memory Direct!

- Katie Smith

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