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RMK is a much diversified, high value transportation company with all of our customers needs in mind. We have many years of experience from personally loading, transporting and delivering high value electronics, tradeshows and store fixtures to managing teams that perform up to the same level.  

RMK offers quality, on time transportation services with 24hour / 7 day a week live contact to a live person. Nomatter what time of day or weekends call with yourtransportation needs and we will react immediately. We also give proof of deliveries 24 & 7. 

"For any items need to be transported, we at RMK can accommodate."

We offer these professional transportation services: Truckload, LTL, Pad Wrap Van, Air-Ride, Dry Van, Flat Bed and RJN Flat Bed, Car Carrier (Closed & Open), Refrigerated, Climate Control for sensitive Fine Art & Wine.  We specialize in Airfreight (both domestic and International), Ocean Vessel, hauling anything from high value electronics, Tradeshows, Fine Art, Store Fixtures, Military Oversize Equipment, Produce and Frozen Foods, Autos & Boats and Household Goods.


For Fast Courteous Service:

Call: (727) 446-2452

or Contact us via email: bobrmktrucking@outlook.com





We handle both Truck Load and Less than Truck Load shipments.  RMK Trucking Service will apply our experience to your shipping needs to determine TL or LTL or other shipment requirements while utilizing the most cost effective means of transportation. 


Pad wrap air ride – we specialize in pad wrap vans for pad wrap exhibits, store fixtures, industrial equipment, computers, etc.  We use only drivers with years of experience in this field. All drivers carry 200 pads, decking bars and ply board. Offering inside pickup or delivery, lift gate, pallet jack, extra labor and driver pad or customer pad if they choose. 


Transporting tradeshows, store fixtures, general commodities, any sort of dry freight. Offering lift gate, pallet jack, inside delivery or pickup and extra labor if required. 


Transporting high value fine art, wine, or other specialized items.


Specializing in Same day, Overnight, 2nd day and 3 to 5 day exclusive charters. 

Extra’s offered: Lift gate, pallet jack, inside delivery or pickup, extra labor and extra insurance.  No matter what your needs we are a one stop airfreight shipping expert.  We offer door to door service, door to port or airport. 

With many years of experience and realizing the urgency to be on time with each and every shipment we can route your shipment to anywhere in continental US or abroad to an International location while tracking each shipment from load to delivery.

Proof of delivery verified either verbally or via e-mail on each delivery. 



We provide and oversee on-site Material Management of your exhibition goods. 

Unlike the American tradeshow industry, most international tradeshow’s have an open policy as far as general service contractors.  Our international department can manage all your onsite requirements, delivering to stand, fork lift, crane, storage of empties and return of empties to stand, etc.  

We control all delivery and return documents to insure a worry free experience to our customers. 



When dates and times permitting, ocean freight can definitely be very cost effective. Utilizing 20, 40 or 40 high cube containers or LTL, we can have the container shipped to your location and dropped off for several days if required or loaded or unloaded while driver waits. 



Air ride regular trailers or RJN air-ride trailers for heavy equipment.

Over width or over length hauling.  



Closed van air-ride for sensitive hauling. 

Open van for more cost effective hauling. 

Refrigerated climate trailers for produce and frozen food. 

With a select number of carriers that we utilize for transporting produce and frozen food with on time deliveries being of the up most importance.


With a select number of carriers that we utilize for transporting produce and frozen food with on time deliveries being of the up most importance.


RMK Trucking Service, Inc. is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call the Main office at (727) 446-2452. If no answer leave a message.( 24 hour a day paging) , 
or you may call (727) 560-4196. Call anytime!

 RMK Trucking Service, Inc.

1401 Gulf-To-Bay Blvd
 Clearwater, FL 33755

 USA (727) 446-2452

 Quotes or Questions for Sales :   mailto: bobrmktrucking@outlook.com

 Questions about existing Orders: bobrmktrucking@outlook.com



 Trucking Service, Inc became incorporated in 1980, wholly owned by Robert M. Kennedy.  At that time RMK consisted of only one truck and was contracted to Mayflower Van Lines to transport Household goods throughout the US and Canada. In the of latter part of 1981, after seeing the increased demand for high tech specialized transportation, RMK changed to transporting high value shipments consisting of art work, store fixtures, tradeshows and computers.  One truck soon grew to multiple trucks and by 1985, even though contracted to haul for Mayflower electronics division, RMK started to sell transportation.  

Specializing in pad wrap exhibits, RMK sold and transported many Fortune 500 companies exclusively.  By doing the sales and actual hauling of the exhibit properties from start to finish, they could control 100% of the movement and guarantee a worry free, on time move.  In many cases driver would stay on site to assist with Install and dismantling of equipment and exhibit properties.

After spending 18 years in the trenches and witnessing the lack of communication, involvement and devotion offered by carriers, Robert decided that RMK could best serve the high value needs of the industry by exiting the hauling portion of the industry and concentrating 100% on the selling end.  By being stationary in an office, he could better serve the customer by expediting quoting and by communicating all information and changes with each shipment and also monitoring each shipment while loading, in transit and delivering. 

After witnessing, on many occasions, customers that were trying desperately to contact carriers or carrier sales representative with problems or questions after 5:00 pm or on weekends. RMK chose to be available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.  To be able to offer all services to his customer, RMK soon signed on as an agent for Airways Freight Corp for air and international shipments, contracted to Whittier Mayflower for all high value shipments and transporting 3rd party through RMK Trucking Services Inc to offer high value, quality, on time service at a reduced price.

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