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Infinity Exhibits specializes in custom lightweight shelving and graphic displays. Our mission is to save our clients’ money while providing them with a trade show display systems that is budget-conscious, yet doesn’t compromise on presence or style to meet their exhibiting needs.  
















Product Lines

Our company began as a trade show booth manufacturer with the creation of our InfiniLite product line. It’s a durable, lightweight plastic display system, and if you need a shelf display, it’s the most unique and cost-effective merchandise solution available in our industry.  All of the InfiniLite displays are custom made to meet your exact needs whether you require shelving, gridwall panels, or large attention grabbing graphics.  


Our other lightweight product lines to include tension fabric graphic kits, aluminum extrusion kits, and truss booths.  We offer everything from simple, tension fabric displays to large, completely custom designs utilizing a mixture of materials, as well as trade show accessories such as hanging show banners and signs, reception stands, pedestals, counters, and product displays.


Contact us now in order to take advantage of our Free 3D rendering and let us design you the most cost effective and attractive display that perfectly meets your needs!





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