Simple answers to your most common questions


How do I register?

Registering is easy. There are several ways to do it. The first way is to follow prompts to sign up using Facebook. You may also sign up using gmail or any other valid email address. An email will be sent to confirm your registration after sign up is complete.


What is a dashboard?

Your dashboard allows you to navigate your account easier. It is here where you can verify your email and phone number. **. You may control your advertising from here by editing, upgrading, activating and deactivating your ads. You may also see how many users view your ads and well as how many contacted you through this ad.

    • verification of email and phone number is important so your account is secure and helps insure all users to the site are real accounts with purpose of doing business.


How do I post a "Free Classified"?

Posting a classified is easy and FREE! Simply go to home page and click on the post free classified button. Fill out the information you want users to see. Stay within the character limit and upload up to two photos to help decribe your sale best. When the form is completed click place ad now and you are done. A confirmation email will be sent letting you know tour ad has been placed. You will also be able to view and edit your ad through your dashboard.


How do I upgrade my "Free Classified"

Upgrading your "Free Classified" can be done quickly by filling ouit the upgrade form. The upgrade gives your sale its own description page giving you addition text for your ad will also be featured on the home page for optimal viewing.


How do I advertise my service?

Advertising your business is quick and easy. After the registration is complete you may go to the home page and click on “Promote My Service” There will be a simple for to fill out helping you highlight your business while making an attractive and effective ad.

    • You may also find the “promote My Service” button on the any “Service Provider” page on the site.


How do I sign up to receive estimates?

You may sign up to receive estimates through your dashboard. Simply go to

What is “Sale From the Floor”?

A “Sale from the floor” is any item an exhibitor is looking to have sold by the time the show ends. Many times the drayage costs or storage fees are too much and a sale like this will help alleviate any after show stresses an exhibitor may have.


How do I post a “Sale From The Floor” and where does it go?

To post a “Sale From The Floor” ad. Click the “Must Sell Now” Button on the home page. Just fill out the form and attach any desired photos. Once you press send the alert is sent to all registered users along with an instant relay through our twitter newsfeed.


How do I receive recent classifieds?

To receive recent classifieds go to your dashboard and click the option that allows you to turn on or off your email notifications.

What is “Need Show Floor Help Now”?

This is a feature that is free for all to use. If there is something either lost or damaged in transit before the show. You can look here to see if someone can help replace it quickly. Once the form is filled out the alert is sent immediately to all registered users along with an instant twitter feed.