SPINit! - The multifunctional presentation system


About SPINit!

SPINit! can be adjusted to suit a range of different situations for conducting conversations. For this purpose,  it has three adjustable tables which can be fanned out in a range of ways - from close together to open up wide. The central console which they are attached to can be positioned according to your indivudal needs. To ensure that you make best use of walk-through areas, the built-in Smart TV or the complete rear wall with your own branding can be turned to face the traffic.   

Reason Why

Your brand can achieve more, even in smaller areas. Create your own clear boundaries from other display systems and system trade show stands. Particularly in small areas like 10' x 10' SPINit! can help you create a high-quality market feel. You have the option to show presentations, videos and photos via the integrated Smart TV.

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