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Lisle self-storage is the best relationship the very summit of. Kidderminster Self Storage gives the best relationship at an unassuming expense. It's single 120 Euro for reliably for a 20ft compartment. You can store your records and those things which are essential yet you need more space to store them. We have 24-hour high made security and CCTV cameras. We have free vehicle leaving and you don't have to pay extra money for the ground holder. Finally, no impacting motivation to go far in light of how we are close you. This is the most sensible inspiration driving spread relationship in Kidderminster and the whole UK. We have a central zone of 3-locale of land for different size of holders. Select have stand holder which one is sensible for your need.


CALL US: 01562 744 466

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  • Location Lisle Avenue DY11 7DL, Greater London
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