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Product Overview:
Flags are one of the most powerful and iconic symbols in human history. We believe it’s important to be seen, to be remembered, and to make a difference. The Patriot Airstream Flag System is an indoor flag flying system designed to represent your brand with elegance.

The Patriot can be assembled in under 3 minutes and is designed for easy transport. The system can be used at a wide array of events, functions, & gatherings.

Notable Accomplishments
Fly All Flags had the honor of flying the flags at the 2008 summer Beijing Olympics and the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics where we first publically debuted our windless flag flying technology to millions of people worldwide.

Power Rating: Single Phase 120 V at 60 Hz or 230 V at 50Hz, 65 Watts
Weight: 11 kg
Default Flag Height: 2.9 Meters
System Includes: Custom 61 x 91 cm Flag with order & hard travel case.
Warranty: Fly All Flags provides a twelve (12) months manufacturer's warranty on all products.

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