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110V Electric Sweet sorghum Sugar Cane Ginger Press Juicer 134027


Item NO. 134027


Before Using


1.Put the machine smooth.


2.Adjust the roll gap, clockwise to tighten and counterclockwise to loose. Starting from the smallest gap, counterclockwise a circle, roll gap increased by 0.06”(1.5 mm).


3.Wash the machine before use.


Note :


1- Can’t adjust the roll gap too tightly .


2-The ground wires should be attached to the machine.


Operation Steps


1.Choose the proper power(110v)


2.Cut a wedge on the sugarcane before put it into the machine.


  1. Starting the processing.


4.After squeezing finished, you should wash the rollers timely, make sure no sticky in juice box and keep it clean.


Packing list :


Tray * 1 Strainer x*1 User Manual * 1 Parting knives*2

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